Home Remedies For Headaches

Every one knows about headache because this attacks every one. Especially, the Americans are paying about 400 million dollars per annum, to get relief from the headache.

So, before spending your money, take a look at some remedies for the headache and try at home.

Home remedies for headaches

  1. The best and useful way of getting rid of this headache is to place some ice on the forehead, when you are suffering from the headache. When the headache is not so dense, ten this can be helpful for eighty persons among 100 persons.
  2. If the muscles in the neck are squeezed, due to strain and reduced stream of blood to the brain, then it will result in a tension headache. A heating pad or a hot bath, or a long hot shower can help in these conditions by comforting the muscles and increasing the blood supply to the brain.
  3. Lying down in a gloomy and silent room may be the easiest way to get rid of the headache. This is because a small movement can magnify and worsen the headache. And a small light and sound can make us feel worse in the headache conditions.
  4. To pacify the paining head rubdown the head with the fingertips. The massaging will help to relieve the tension and headache. For this use a natural-bristle hair brushes.
  5. Generally TV and computer screens can cause the eye-strain which leads to headache. For every few hours we have to take rest by using the palms to obstruct the light over the eyes. Do this for thirty seconds. Then shut your eyes and then take away the hands. Then gradually reopen your eyes.
  6. Flying high can make you suffer from a severe headache. This is because of sitting in a discomfited position for a long time, pressures the neck muscles. To keep away from this position, we have to use overblown neck pillows while traveling.
  7. There are some acupressure spots in our body, by massaging which we can let the headache away from us. A way is to compress the maze of the skin between the thumb and the fore finger. Another spot is a small crust between the neck and the back of the head. If still suffering from headache then pat the areas like the top of the foot, and the area between the big and second toe, and the exterior area of the skin under the knee.

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