A Short Background on What Nails Are

Keratin is nothing but the fibrous protein that is produced on the outer surface of the skin like the nails and toes. This further protects the fingers and toes and is normally transparent and colorless. The pinkish color that you see is due to the blood vessels found under the skin. When you are infected with nail disorder there is a slight discoloration of the nail i.e. it may change to yellow or sometimes even black.

Treatment for nail fungus

Nail plates are made up of keratin or horny cells and this plate covers the nail bed and the nail protrudes itself over the fingertips. Now the fungal infection is found in the space between the fingertip and the fingernail. To prevent an attack of fungal infection the need to keep the fingernails as well as the toenails short and clean. Avoid direct contact of harsh chemicals on your hands and avoid the use of nail paints as these are known to aggravate your problem of nail fungal infection as the chemicals used in the nail paints are known to retain humidity thus giving way to the rapid growth of these microorganisms.

Now what do you mean by fungus? This is a saprophytic or parasitic plant where there is an absence of chlorophyll. This nail fungus causes infection leading to discoloration of the nail. The infected nail is thicker and softer than the healthy finger or toe nail.

As most of the time the discoloration of the nail goes unnoticed until there has been a permanent damage treating a nail fungal infection becomes very easy only at www.buyfunginix.com.

There are different kinds of fungus like yeast, mushrooms, molds etc these are all parasites and are known to cause infection.

As you know that the nail fungal infection is caused due to plant microorganisms which are also parasites thriving on the skin they go unnoticed until there has been un-repairable damage done to the nail structure. Some of the fungi that grow on the skin are useful and cause no harm to the human body but then there are some like the microorganisms that cause great damage to the human body like the microorganisms that attack and thrive on the space between the nail plate and nail tip causing immense damage to the body as well as the immune system.

There are different kinds of fungus like the mold like fungus which is known to cause athletes foot, ring worms and jock itch are known to attack the scalp as these are known to survive on the dead tissues of the hair follicles and grow under the nail and on the surface of the skin.

Though there are many nail fungus treatments but then to treat this nail fungal infection is very difficult as realizing that you have been infected by this disorder itself takes time and by then the damage has been done to a great extent but then if you do suspect that you have been attacked by this you need to consult your doctor or get a proper diagnosis done by a podiatrist as he or she will be in a better position to help solve this nail fungal infection.

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